Complimentary Overall Health Analysis

A free initial health analysis is available to all new clients. This consists of an in-take surrounding mind-body wellness. That is a savings of $155 value at no cost, no risk and no obligation. We simply provide you with our insight and you choose what feels right for you.


Your Body Gets Better with Us Coaching

Have a specific goal in mind? We can either refer you to the right coach or trainer OR we work with the elements of wellness through mind-body coaching. Your coaching can be tailored to your specific needs; daily, weekly or monthly.


Living Well Workshops

Living Well Workshops provide a baseline for health. Optimal wellness begins with the right knowledge. Our workshops target a specific area of thought. Whether it is sleep, heart health or overcoming some unique health challenge, we provide information that is powerful and effective. All instructors are highly trained and qualified.

*Unique products and services are offered exclusively to our clients and to those who attend our workshops.


Take the 90 Day Health Challenge

Prose for power. Your Body Gets Better with Us offers a 90 day health challenge. During this time you get personalized daily coach calls to help you redefine the goals you set and assist and re-establishing new patterns for great health.


Your Body Gets Better with Us Guarantee

Our promise is that you will absolutely love us or we offer a money back guarantee. If you find that  you are not completely satisfied with what we provide, we will refund your money no questions asked.



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